Canine Tapeworm Treatment with Droncit

Canine tapeworm infestations cause a variety of unpleasant and painful symptoms, including indigestion, diarrhea and vomiting. More importantly, they can also lead to malnourishment and other potentially harmful effects. Fortunately, there are a number of reliable and efficient treatment options for cases of tapeworm. If your pet has been diagnosed with this parasite, ask your veterinarian if Droncit may be an appropriate treatment method.

Overview of Droncit

Droncit is the brand name for the drug praziquantel, a powerful cestocide. Cestodes are a type of parasite that includes tapeworms, and a drug with cestocidal properties is designed to kill or eliminate those parasites. Specifically, Droncit operates by eliminating the worm's resistance to canine digestion. The result is that the worm can no longer survive within the animal's digestive tract and is dissolved and processed as any other food would be.

Droncit is absorbed and processed by the liver. It has not been shown to have toxic effects when built up over time, but rather is passed through normal liver processes.

Treating Your Pet's Tapeworm with Droncit

Available only through veterinary prescription, Droncit is a powerful drug that should not be misused. It has a few side effects, including the following:

  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite

More serious side effects have not been found. However, your veterinarian may recommend another treatment method based upon your pet's condition, overall health and other medications.

Droncit comes in tablet form. You can either feed your pet an entire tablet along with a treat or piece of food, or you can grind up the tablet or a portion thereof and mix it in with his meals. The exact dosage required for your particular pet depends heavily upon his size and condition. Because smaller animals tend to have faster metabolisms, they often require a proportionately larger dose of Droncit in comparison with larger dogs. Your vet will help to determine the appropriate dosage and administration schedule for your pet.

Other Considerations

While Droncit is highly effective at eliminating existing tapeworms and other internal parasites, it is not to be used in a preventative capacity. Following a treatment of Droncit, your pet is as susceptible to reinfection as he would be at any other time. If you live in a location or situation in which tapeworm infestation is likely to recur, speak with your veterinarian for more information about preventing infections in the first place.

Although Droncit has been approved for use in all breeds of dogs, it was not designed for human use. Tapeworm infections in human patients require other treatment methods. Under no circumstances should you take Droncit, nor should you leave it available where children or other animals might access it.

Tapeworm infestations are uncomfortable and dangerous for your pet. Left untreated, they do not resolve themselves over time, but rather persist and grow worse. React quickly at the first signs of infection and have your pet diagnosed properly. Droncit is an effective means for controlling the situation.