Over the Counter Tapeworm Medicine for Dogs

Tapeworm medicine can be purchased without a medical prescription. Since it is very common for dogs to get intestinal parasites at one point in their life, owners choose to acquire over the counter medication which help cure the dog from parasitic infections. Fleas are among the sources of tapeworm infestation, so besides treating for tapeworms, you should also be cautious regarding fleas. Tapeworms can be transmitted to humans, so make sure that, after treating your dog, you also clean the environment to prevent reinfestation and to protect your health as well.

Tapeworms Infection in Dogs

The eggs of tapeworms get into your dog’s body by the ingestion of fleas which are carriers of larvae. Your dog can ingest fleas that are to be found in his coat or when hunting small animals or rodents.

Tapeworms live in the dog’s intestine and can reach up to 6 inches in length. They can cause serious health problems mainly by depriving your dog’s body from the nutrients he needs.

Over the Counter Tapeworm Medicine for Dogs

Sometimes owner choose to buy over the counter medication for tapeworms because this way they save time and money. Make sure that the medication you choose treats tapeworms as well, since not all worm drugs have this effect. There are several products on the market fighting against a rather large worm spectrum, products which are released without medical prescription:

  • D-Worm
  • Droncit
  • WormXPlus
  • Flea preventatives

D-Worm is a drug designed to destroy all tapeworms within 24 hours from administration. Droncit also helps fight tapeworms and can be given to puppies older than 4 weeks. It is also used for helping cats fight the parasites.

WormXPlus consists of tablets which are to be chewed by the dogs and is useful to fight hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms altogether.

Since tapeworms are transmitted through eating fleas, you can also use flea preventatives available on the market.

Eating small animals or rodents which carry fleas can also be a source of infestation, so you should prevent this behavior in your dog. Although you can buy several products which help with tapeworms over the counter, if possible, it is recommended to have your dog diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.

Symptoms of Tapeworm Infestation

Dogs infected with tapeworms exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Vomit
  • Loss of weight
  • Abdominal discomfort and pain
  • Nervousness and lethargy
  • Discomfort and itching around the anus

Tapeworms deprive your dog from nutrients, affecting his overall state of health.

If you suspect that your dog might have tapeworms, you should check his stool since tapeworms are usually eliminated through feces. Sometimes the worms can show around the dog’s anus. If you spot any of the symptoms, or see the parasites in the feces, you can either consult your veterinarian and ask for a prescription drug or purchase an over the counter treatment. However it is important to start treatment as soon as the first signs appear.