Car Sick Dog Remedies

Motion sickness is common in humans, but may also be experienced by dogs and may be observed when the dog is taken for a ride in the car. There are a few car sick dog remedies that can be used prior to taking the dog for a ride or after the dog displays the symptoms of car sickness.

Car Sickness in Dogs

Car sickness in dogs may be due to stress or anxiety or may be related to a health problem such as an inner ear infection or vestibular disease. However, most commonly the dogs experience anxiety and this is why they get car sick. In very rare cases, they have car sickness due to an inner ear problem.

The symptoms of car sickness will include panting despite the normal temperature in the car, as well as shaking and possibly vomiting.

Behavior Training

If you recognize the symptoms of car sickness you should train your pet and allow him to get comfortable with the car. A lot of dogs can suffer from anxiety, due to the fact that the car is a new environment that they are not used to and in addition it is also in motion.

Take your pet to the car and allow him to stay in the car for a few minutes at the beginning, so that he gets familiar with the car. Don’t start the engine. You may put a treat inside the car or your dog’s favorite chew toy. Use reassuring words and pat your dog, so that he feels comfortable. As the dog gets more used to the car, you may start keeping him there for more than 10 minutes at a time and gradually start taking him for short rides (i.e. to the corner store and back). After the ride, reward your dog with a treat and lots of reassuring words.

In time, you will be able to increase the length of the ride without experiencing any problems with your pet.

Medication for Car Sickness

Even if behavior training is more recommended to reduce car sickness, as it will give more durable results, you may use car sickness medication as a short term remedy.

Dramin or Dramamine, which is used in humans, can be safely administered to your pet, but make sure to consult the vet for dosage information.

No Feeding Before the Ride 

You should also avoid feeding the dog just before taking him on a ride. The digestion may be interrupted and vomiting is more likely to occur.

Take Your Dog to the Vet 

If none of the training tips and remedies for car sickness work, you should visit the vet, as the dog may actually have a health problem originating in the internal ear. The inner ear is responsible for the dog’s balance and if it is affected, this may make the dog sick, especially when he is in motion. Look for additional symptoms such as confusion, vomiting even when not in the car or dilated pupils.