Essential Dog Accessories for Cars

Dog accessories for cars are important, especially if you take your pet for rides on a regular basis. The accessories are meant to provide safety and comfort for your dog while he is coming along on trips with the family.

Dog Crate

Some vets recommend taking the dog's crate in the car, which will provide the animal with comfort and familiarity to help him feel at ease. While in the crate, the dog will not get hurt if you use the brakes. The crate will also come in handy if you're taking longer drives and the dog can comfortably sleep in there.

Seat Belt

Not only humans need to wear a seat belt when in a car. The seat belt will provide the safety the dog needs while in the car. The seat belts in your car are not appropriate for pets, so you will have to purchase one that is suitable for your dog's size. Make sure the seat belt you buy provides a bit of room for the dog to move around. If your dog stays in a crate, you won't need a seat belt.


Get a few blankets for your dog, because this might make him relax and feel comfortable. If you use air conditioning, your dog may not adapt to lower temperatures that you feel comfortable with, so he will need a blanket.

Toys for Distraction

For some dogs, car rides can be extremely stressful, so you will need to find means to distract him. Toys should be present in your car, even if your dog is not stressed by the ride. Your dog may be bored, so chewing on a toy can make the time more enjoyable. While chewing, the dog will calm down. Get the toys the dog is used to or an interactive toy that will keep him busy for a few hours.


Treats should be taken along, because the dog may become impatient or extremely noisy during the ride. Give your dog a treat when you notice he is no longer chewing on his toy or when you want to reward him for being good.

Ginger Snap Cookies

If your dog tends to get sick in the car, you will need some remedies. Ginger can reduce nausea, so get a few ginger snap cookies and administer these before the ride. You may replace the treats with the ginger cookies.

Tissues or Wipes

For any unpredictable event such as vomiting or eliminating in the car, you will need to have some tissues and wipes. Bath wipes may also come in handy when you want to refresh your dog. Air conditioning can dry his skin.

Water Bowl

Don't forget to bring some water for the trip, because the dog may become thirsty. You can place a water bowl in the car or the dog's crate. Use some tape to make sure the water bowl stays put.