Cat Allergy Shots for People

Cat allergy shots are used as part of allergen immunotherapy or hyposensitization therapy. The aim of the therapy is to reduce the allergic reactions to cats. The allergy shots are known to be the most efficient therapy for allergies. There are cases of people who have received shots over 3 to 5 years that have been fully cured and have no allergy symptoms.


The immunotherapy is made through cat allergy shots. Allergens are administrated on a regular basis through subcutaneous injections.

At the beginning of the therapy, the shots are given more frequently; the dosage of the allergens is constantly increased so as to induce immunologic tolerance. The shots will be administrated once or twice per month, according to your doctor’s recommendations.

Side Effects of Cat Allergy Shots

The cat allergy shots may have adverse reactions including:

  • Local redness, itchiness or swelling immediately after the shot is given
  • Systemic reactions such as hives, but in very rare cases

People taking heart or blood pressure medication should not get allergy shots.

The cat allergy shots are not effective immediately; the patient will still display allergy symptoms for a few months after starting the therapy.

Meanwhile, you may also take some additional measures to cope with the allergies: bathe your cat on a regular basis, keep your house clean or use air purifiers.