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Cat allergies are rarely a temporary condition. If left untreated, cat allergies can make your cat miserable, and they can even have an effect on your cat's immune system. Unfortunately, cat allergies are one of the most misunderstood conditions in the world of felines. Fortunately, with treatment, cat allergies can be alleviated if you are well informed about the different types of cat allergens and triggers. Once you are informed about the many different types of triggers, you (and your vet) can move on to exploring the different options available to get rid of them. Inhalant allergies, food allergies, and fleas are just a few of the different types of cat allergies. Symptoms of cat allergies range from biting and scratching the skin to diarrhea and shaking the head. Once diagnosed, your vet might prescribe a special diet along with any medications and supplements that may help alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Continue reading to learn more about cat allergies.

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