Managing Cat Arthritis Symptoms with Duralactin Feline

Duralactin Feline is an immuno-nutritional aid for managing inflammatory conditions, such as soft tissue injury or arthritis in cats. Managing cat arthritis symptoms with Duralactin Feline can be especially beneficial in many ways. Duralactin Feline is affordable and can be used as a long-term solution in conjunction with other medications and treatments.

What Is Duralactin Feline?

Duralactin Feline is a dried milk protein concentrate derived from hyper-immunized cows. It is a non-prescription supplement that is available in liquid or capsule form. Duralactin Feline can be administered directly, with or without food. The main ingredients are MicroLactin, a dried milk protein and omega fatty acids.


Due to the inflammatory nature of cat arthritis, it is an extremely painful condition. There is no cure for cat arthritis, so a long-term plan of pain management should be adopted. Duralactin Feline is a product that can be used alone, or as a supplement to other treatment options. This product is all-natural and does not interfere with the use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or corticosteroids.


The benefits of managing cat arthritis symptoms with Duralactin Feline are advantageous. In addition to the all-natural properties of this protein supplement, continued use may diminish the need for steroids or other treatment as it is believed to block cytokines, or signaling molecules, from delivering the message of pain to the joints. In other words, pain caused by arthritis in your cat may be significantly diminished with daily use of this product.


Duralactin Feline is an over-the-counter product and does not require a prescription. It is affordable and comes in the form of a non-flavored capsule or liquid. This product can be given directly, or added to your cat's food 2 to 3 times per day.

Side Effects

As with any medication or treatment supplement, side effects may occur. Due to the all-natural ingredients in Duralactin Feline, however, side effects should be minimal. If your cat has a sensitivity to milk products or carbohydrates, vomiting or diarrhea may occur.

Directions for Use

Duralactin Feline comes in the form of liquid or non-flavored capsule. Selection of the best form of administration depends on your preference. One capsule is about the equivalent of one teaspoon of Duralactin Feline liquid. For cats under 12 pounds, give one teaspoon of liquid, or one capsule twice daily with food. For cats over 12 pounds, two capsules should be given in the morning, followed by one dose in the evening. Liquid Duralactin Feline for cats over 12 pounds should be administered at 1.5 teaspoons twice per day.

Signs of Improvement

You should begin noticing signs of improvement about 1 to 2 weeks after beginning the Duralactin Feline treatment. You may observe significant improvement in a cat that used to have trouble going up and down stairs, using the litter box, or simply moving around. Cats have been reported to return to jumping, running and playing as normal in relatively short periods of time. Managing cat arthritis symptoms with Duralactin Feline makes a lasting difference for many families dealing with this diagnosis.