How Much Does a Cat Cost Over His Lifetime?

The total cat cost includes all expenditures on cat food, veterinary care and medications necessary to maintain pets in optimal health. It's important for pet lovers to consider the cost involved to maintain pets as the cost largely influences the quality of pet care made available.

The cost of owning a cat for the first year is higher than maintaining pets after the initial period. Pet owners often consider veterinary care expensive. However, pets with lack of proper home care require frequent and more expensive vet visits. Owners that are aware of the costs of maintaining pets are better able to provide adequate medical and home care for their pet's well-being.

Services or Pet Products that Add to Pet Cat Costs

  • Pet food
  • Pet litter
  • Parasite and flea control medication
  • Veterinary check ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Day care or boarding facilities
  • Cat toys, treats, carriers and scratching posts

Cost of Owning a Cat

Apart from necessary pet related services or products, medical costs vary in individual pets. Some cats that suffer from chronic conditions may require long term medication that adds to the cost of owning a cat. The annual cost of owning and caring for a pet lies between $300 to $1200. The cost of maintaining pets also differs in each region as pet related services and pet products tend to be more expensive in big cities or towns.

Cats that are healthy and well cared for can live for up to 14 years. The cost of owning a pet over his lifetime can range from $5000 to $18000. Although this seems quite expensive most pet owners aren't aware of the cost incurred when they first acquire a pet.

Pet Owner Commitment

Cat lovers sometimes bring home a new pet since it came free. Although a pet may be acquired without paying an initial price, the continuing medical support and home care is an important consideration. Pet owners that use cheap products or feed their pets improper diets, end up with sick cats that require medical attention. Caretakers have to be prepared for the monetary commitment that's essential for adequate cat care.

Initial Kitten Cost

The initial cost of a kitten generally includes the cost of purchasing and maintaining a new pet. In addition, kitten vaccinations, spaying or neutering, vet checks and fecal examinations are expenditures incurred in the first year. Pets also require pet products such as food and water bowls, litter boxes and cat carriers that are all purchased soon after bringing home a pet. Cats that are bought from animal shelters or humane organizations are cheaper than those purchased from animal breeders. Purchasing a new pet could cost anywhere from $200 to $2000.

Cat grooming costs vary by the breed in possession. Cats with longer hair like Persian cats, Angoras and Himalayan breeds, need periodic grooming. The cost of tools and grooming products also differ by the brand purchased.

Cats make extremely good pets if they are well cared for. Pet owners should weigh the pros and cons of owning pets before they make a commitment by acquiring a new cat.