How Much Does a Pet Cost Per Year?

The pet cost per year is a variable sum depending on several factors, starting from the type of pet you own or intend to get. If you are willing to get a pet, you need to know what financial commitments are involved, so that your pet will have all he needs. You must know that the initial costs and the cost of the first year of your pet will be significantly higher than the rest.

Factors Determining the Pet Cost Per Year

As mentioned before, the pet cost per year will depend on the type of pet you have. Typically, cats require lower expenses than canines.

However, there are also other factors determining the yearly costs for your pet:

  • The type of the pet
  • The food requirements and energy level - certain dog toy breeds will only require small amounts of food, while larger dog breeds will eat several pounds of food per day
  • The age of the pet - during the first year, your pet will need several vaccinations and parasite preventive medication, so you may need to spend more. An adult pet needs only a yearly periodical veterinary check and administration of boosters; however, when the pet is older, he will require more frequent veterinary visits
  • The pet’s health condition - some pets may have an impeccable health, while others may have unpredictable diseases
  • The vaccinations required by the pet - typically, there are some core vaccines that are needed for all pets, but there will be also some vaccines your vet may recommend, especially if you live in a certain area (i.e. bushy area, so your pet is more likely to be exposed to tick bites) or if the pet has certain genetic predisposition toward a disease
  • The type of training required and the pet’s personality - some pets may be easier to train, while others will require additional training
  • The pet’s grooming requirements - some pets may be easily groomed at home; however, there are pets that have continuously growing hair (i.e. Poodles) that will require regular hair cuts
  • The toys and treats needed
  • Whether you want to neuter your pet - some pets (i.e. rescued and adopted from shelters) may be already neutered and vaccinated

Average Costs for Pet Owners

On average, you may expect to spend on your pet around $ 2,500 during the first year. This cost will involve the food, training, vaccines, deworming treatments, treatments for external parasites, a veterinary checkup, grooming and cleaning supplies, treats and toys plus the neutering; this sum doesn’t include the purchase price of the pet.

After the first year, you will spend less on your pet, provided there are no unexpected medical emergencies. You may expect to spend between $400 and $800 for your cat or dog. These costs include booster shots, food, vet checkups, grooming and cleaning supplies as well as the toys and games needed for your pet.