Cat Eye Allergy Symptoms

Cat eye allergy may be an irritation of the cat's eyes. The eyes of a healthy cat are clear and bright, and the area around them should be white. Any changes might mean the cat is reacting to an allergen or that he might suffer from an infection. If your cat has eye-allergy like symptoms you should contact your veterinarian. Although the condition these symptoms indicate might not put the cat in immediate danger, there is a high chance of its becoming chronic.

Cat Eye Allergy Symptoms

The symptoms of allergies in cats are similar to the symptoms of allergies in humans:

  • Watery eyes are the most common symptom of allergies. The cat looks like he is crying all the time. The tears are the eye's way of repelling an allergen. The allergens usually causing watery eyes can be inhaled (i.e., sprays, chemicals, dust, pollen). If your cat has watery eyes seasonally, this is most probably caused by an allergy. However, if the symptom is more frequent, the cat may have a blocked tear duct.
  • Nasal congestion and sneezing.
  • Redness of eyes, caused by antibodies fighting some allergen.
  • The area around the eyes is stained by secretions.
  • The eyeballs are cloudy.
  • The cat is pawing and scratching at his eyes.

Common Causes of Eye Allergy Symptoms in Cats

Symptoms resembling a cat eye allergy can be caused by a range of allergens in the household or in the cat's environment:

  • Dust mites and pollens are a common cause of allergic symptoms (watery eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing). Removing these allergens can be done by vacuuming, cleaning the cat's bed or giving the cat a bath to remove the dust or pollen from its fur.
  • Household chemicals can be responsible for your cat's watery eyes. In order to find out of this is the case, remove the chemicals you are using one by one, observing when the symptoms disappear.
  • Cats can also be allergic to ethyl alcohol or to the oils in cologne or perfume you use. If your cat's symptoms worsen after you use perfume or when the cat gets around the areas you've used perfume on, it might be your perfume that is causing the problem. You may try changing your perfume and ask for allergy medication or allergy shots for your cat.

Secondary Conditions Caused by Eye Allergies

If the cat's eye is irritated and the cause of irritation is not removed, conjunctivitis may appear. Watery eyes, especially if accompanied by yellow-greenish discharge, can be a sign that your cat has conjunctivitis. Also known as cat pink eye, conjunctivitis designates the swelling of the ocular mucous membranes (the eyelid and the front of the eye). The condition is not painful and does not affect the cat's sight, but because it is an infection, it can spread to other cats as well.