What to Look for in a Cat Flea Medicine

Choosing the right cat flea medicine can be a challenge with all the options available to pet owners. Flea powders, topical flea drops and oral medications can be bought over-the-counter or prescribed by your veterinarian, but one of the most important factors in pet flea treatment is to choose a medicine that is specifically made for your animal; your cat should never use flea medicine meant for dogs.

Which Cat Flea Medication Is Best?

Topicals: Topical flea medicine comes in liquid form and allows owners to apply drops to their cat's back. The medication is applied once a month and may also prevent and kill other insects, like ticks. Topicals will kill adult fleas and prevent larvae and eggs from growing and hatching. Brand names include Revolution, Frontline and Advantage.

Oral medication: Oral medicine will usually prevent fleas but doesn't kill adult fleas so a separate product will be needed. The advantage of oral medication is that no residue is left on the fur coat of your cat.

Flea powders: Powders are no longer a popular cat flea medicine due to their toxicity and low levels of effectiveness.