Oral Suspension Products for Cat Flea Treatment

The world of cat flea treatment products is vast, and knowing which one is best for a cat can be hard. Oral suspension products are one of the options available to pet owners to help rid a cat of fleas and help prevent them from becoming a problem.

Cat Fleas

A flea on a cat can quickly turn into a colony of fleas that have made their home on a furry island that is perfect for living and breeding. This parasite, however, can cause more than just chronic itching. Some cats are allergic to the saliva fleas leave behind after biting them. This allergic reaction can cause inflammation, redness, wounds and even hair loss. Some fleas harbor tapeworms, parasites that live in a cat's intestinal tract. Fleas can also cause a cat to become anemic.

Oral Suspension Products for Cat Flea Treatment

Oral suspension products are typically formulated as a once-a-month product. Lufenuron, one of the main ingredients in popular oral suspension products, is passed from a flea to the eggs and prevents them from hatching, thus making the eggs sterile. This is the main goal in this type of oral suspension product, and it may initially need to be used with a product that kills fleas that are already hatched. Some manufacturers claim the ingredients within their oral suspension products eliminate fleas by killing the parasites when they are young or still in the larva-stage, before they're old enough to breed and bite.

Oral suspension flea medicine is administered as a liquid, which is ideal for cats that don't take tablets or pills well. When you purchase this product, the contents will be a powder that is then mixed with wet cat food. Some pet owners add oils from tuna or sardine cans to encourage their cats to consume the entire dose in the formula. When the cats eat the food mixed with the oral suspension product, the medicine is absorbed in the cat's bloodstream.

When initially beginning a flea treatment with an oral suspension product, a pet owner may choose to use it along with a product that kills adult fleas to help eliminate an infestation faster. However, it's advised that owners give a cat only one oral suspension flea treatment product and one topical flea treatment product at a time.

Oral suspension products for treating fleas come in formulas safe for kittens and cats that are pregnant or nursing.

Benefits of Oral Suspension Products for Cat Flea Treatment

Many pet owners like to use an oral suspension product instead of a pesticide spot product, because it reduces the chance of accidental ingestion on the cat's part. Some cats develop skin irritations or wounds from spot products that contain pesticides.

It's important to note that reviewers of oral suspension flea products have reported no remarkable benefits of using this type of product over topical products. It's just a matter of personal preference. A pet owner should always consult a veterinarian to see what flea treatment product is best for their cat, and confirm the correct dosing amounts.