How Cat Food Affects Urinary Tract Health

Owners should give their cats healthy cat food for urinary tract health. The aspects of cat food that directly affect urinary tract healthy include moisture content, amount of carbohydrates and oils, the quality of the ingredients, and the effect on the PH balance of the urine. Healthy cat food, including canned cat food or even homemade cat food, can help prevent urinary tract problems.

Healthy Cat Food Contains Moisture

A cat's urine should be dilute enough so that crystals do not form. If a cat does not have enough moisture in his diet, his urine often becomes thick which increases the risk of crystal formation and bacteria that can lead to infection. Keeping the cat's body well hydrated greatly helps keep the urinary tract healthy because the urine is easy to pass and more likely to be free from bacteria. Cats absorb moisture the most effectively through their intestines, so water mixed directly with food has the best chance of diluting the urine. Homemade cat food or a high quality canned food is an essential part in maintaining urinary tract health.

Foods Affect the PH Balance in the Urine

If a cat's urine becomes too acidic, which affects the PH balance, crystals are more likely to form and cause urinary tract problems. Foods interact with the acid in the urine and can create an imbalance in the PH. Certain foods such as bananas, apples, broccoli, squash, and most fruits and vegetables help the urine stay alkaline and with the proper PH balance.

Carbohydrates and Oils for Your Cat's Urinary Tract

High quality animal protein is the natural choice for healthy cat food, and helps maintain the PH balance in the urine. Carbohydrates such as rice, wheat and corn increases the acidity in the urine which is a primary culprit in the formation of crystals. Oils from nuts and seeds stress the pancreas which needs to work properly for the cat's body to effectively filter out toxins through the urine.

High Quality Ingredients: The Best Cat Medicine

Whole foods and unprocessed foods free from fillers and colorings help keep your cat's urine healthy because they contain only ingredients your cat needs for nutrition and energy. Healthy cat food is free from the toxins that come from food coloring, fillers and synthetic products that can cause acidity and bacterial build-up. A high quality canned cat food or properly prepared and proportioned homemade cat food can help keep the strengthen the wall of the bladder which in turn keeps the bad bacteria out of the urinary tract.