Is Cat Grass Eating Safe?

Cat grass eating is very common and many cat owners ask the question whether the grass is safe or not.

Don't Let Cat Eat Grass Sprayed with Toxins

Cat grass eating is not a health hazard for your pet; grass won't hurt your cat unless the grass has been sprayed with toxic fertilizers.

If you observe that your cat is attracted to your house plants you can feed your cat grass to distract him from eating other plants that may be toxic.

The grass is a good source of fibers and niacin, a type of B vitamin. However niacin is present in any regular cat diet. Additional fibers are always good for the digestion and can help prevent and treat constipation or diarrhea.

Grass Can Help Cat's Vomit

Grass may also help cats vomit, and they may eat grass intentionally to get rid of the accumulated fur balls.

Cat grass may be purchased in any pet store, but it is not a necessary dietary item. Cats can live without eating grass. However, if your cat likes chewing on grass, it's safe as long as it is free of toxic fertilizers.