Cat Hair Allergy Myths Clarified

There are many things people say about cat hair allergy. However, many things don't have a reasonable explanation. Around 10% of pet owners are allergic to their pets. The allergies are caused by cat dander in the majority of the cases. Cat hair has very little to do with allergies.

What are the most common myths regarding cat allergies?

There Are Non-Allergenic Breeds

This is a false claim. Given that the allergic reaction is caused by cat dander, which is produced in the pet's skin-it means that all cat breeds are potential allergens to sensitive people.

Hairless Cats Don't Cause Allergies

People believing that a cat with no hair will not cause an allergic reaction are wrong. Hairless cats or cats with shorter hair produce the same amount of cat dander-which is the main cause of the allergies in humans.

Outdoor Cats Don't Cause Allergies

People falsely believe that a cat that lives outdoors won't cause allergies. The indoors cats cause allergies because they shed dander and hair in the household. People are sensitive to these allergens when indoors, while when in an open space, these residues are scattered and chances are that they don't disturb a person prone to allergies.