Natural Cat Hairball Remedy Options

A hairball remedy for your cat could be no further away than your kitchen. There's no need to spend money on commercial hairball care products; try one of these natural options for preventative care and treatment.

A Pat of Butter

Feed your cat a pat of butter; this greases up the hairball and helps it pass. Margarine will work too. You can even dab some petroleum jelly on your cat's nose.

Mineral Oil

You can feed your cat a teaspoon of mineral oil if he's trying to cough up a hairball. This should help him pass it. Half a teaspoon fed every two weeks should help prevent hairballs.

Add Fiber to Your Cat's Diet

Adding a little fiber to your cat's diet can help prevent hairballs. If your cat will eat vegetables, they're a good source of fiber; if not, grow some oat or wheat grass for him as a hairball remedy.