Solving Common Cat Litter Problems

Cat litter problems can be very frustrating to pet owners, but the causes and solutions are pretty straightforward. Here are some ideas that may help with your cat or cats.

Problem: Cat Avoids Litter Box

Your cat may dislike the type of litter you are using in the litter box. Most cats like clumping litter that is non-perfumed. Try switching to a natural cat litter, one that's green and biodegradable, provides better odor control, is free of dust, and feels soft on your cat's paws.

Problem: Cats Fight Over Litter Box

This sounds like an issue of territorialism on the part of one or both cats. If there's a top cat, he or she may deliberately leave feces uncovered or partially covered to indicate that this territory is already claimed and to stay away. When the other cat tries to enter the box (or leave it), an attack or fight ensues. A good solution is to provide one litter box for each cat in the household, plus an extra one so that an alternate litter box is always available. Make sure each litter box contains the same kind of litter that the cats prefer in order to avoid cat litter problems.

Cat Litter Problems: Cat Uses Other Area Instead

Maybe your cat has developed a dislike for the particular type of cat litter you are using. Or, it could have encountered territorialism if there are other cats in the household. Another possibility is that your cat has a physical problem (like painful urination, difficulty passing stools, etc.) and associates the pain with the litter box. Solutions include adding another litter box to help prevent fighting, having your cat thoroughly checked out by the veterinarian to rule out any physical problems, and litter retraining to gradually re-introduce your cat to the litter box.

Lack Of Privacy Can Cause Cat Litter Problems

Cats like their privacy, especially when they need to use the litter box. Do not place their litter box in the middle of the living room or other high traffic area. This doesn't give them a private place to do their elimination needs and it's also too noisy. Select a low-traffic, low-noise location in your house, one that will make them feel secure and secluded. This may very well solve your cat litter problems.

Dirty Litter Creates Cat Litter Problems

No cat likes a litter box that's dirty. Not only is it unsightly, it also smells unpleasant. An easy solution is to clean the litter box twice each day.