Cat Shampoo for Mites

Mites are parasites that will typically affect the ears of a feline, and may be eliminated through topical treatments and cat shampoo formulated for mites. The shampoo should be a non-irritant and offer support for the skin, but at the same time should help kill the mites.

Mites in Cats

Mites are external parasites that affect felines and may lead to mange, excessive dander and scabies. The most frequent location of mites is the ears, but mites may also be present on the entire surface of the cat's body. Mites should be detected and treated immediately, as they reproduce at an alarming rate and may be difficult to get rid of.

Commercial Cat Shampoo for Mites

There are numerous brands of cat shampoos for mites that contain insecticides and will eliminate the parasites if used on a regular basis. The shampoos should be applied at least once a day and should be left to act for five to ten minutes and then thoroughly rinsed. The shampoo should be removed from the cat's skin and coat, otherwise it can cause skin irritation. Some cats may be allergic to commercial shampoos. If you notice your cat is developing skin rashes and excessive dry skin after the use of a shampoo for mites, you should switch to a different type of shampoo or consider a natural shampoo.

Natural Cat Shampoo for Mites

Some commercial cat shampoos for mites may contain sodium laurel sulphate, parabens or other chemicals that can be harmful for the cat's skin and coat and cause severe irritation. The natural shampoos are gently formulated to take care of the cat's skin, while fighting the external parasites. These shampoos may contain chamomile, oatmeal, burdock root and other ingredients.

Homemade Shampoo for Mites

If your pet doesn't react well to any of the commercial products, you may choose to make a shampoo for mites at home.

Get 200 ml of oatmeal and grind it. Add the oatmeal powder to 1 cup of hot water. Allow the mix to cool down and when it is lukewarm, you can use it as shampoo. The solution will have a soothing effect on the cat's skin that is irritated by the presence of the mites. Always make sure to remove the oatmeal from the cat's coat. This solution will not eliminate the mites, but will relieve the discomfort.

A solution that can eliminate the mites and can be prepared at home will contain:

  • 200 ml of hydrogen peroxide (a concentration of 1 or 2%)
  • 200 ml of water
  • 100 ml of borax
  • Vitamin E

Add all ingredients and allow the borax to dissolve and apply it on the cat's coat. The ingredients will kill the mites, eggs as well as the larvae. However, you should apply this treatment for several days in a row, to ensure all mites are gone.