Mange Shampoo for Cats

Mange shampoo is one of the best and most effective treatment methods that is used to address feline mange. Mange is caused by one of two different types of mites that live on your pet's skin. These mites feed on dead skin tissue and, as a result of their activity, cause your pet's hair to become coarse and brittle and even to fall out. In addition, these mites can cause your pet to develop skin sores and lesions and red, irritated patches all over his body. If your pet has been diagnosed with mange, ask your vet about the possibility of using a specialized mange shampoo to help address the issue.

Benefits of Mange Shampoo

There are two main types of treatment options for mange in cats. The first is an injection that provides your pet with a protection against the mites. This substance will tend to cause the mites to die off when it is present in your pet's bloodstream. It is highly effective at eliminating the mites that cause mange, but it comes along with some difficult side effects and requires that your vet be present to complete the injection on a regular basis.

On the other hand, mange shampoo is also very effective at eliminating mites. When used properly, it is very safe for your pet and has a low instance of side effects. Additionally, this shampoo can be used at home and does not require a special trip to the vet's office in order to apply to your cat's skin.

Types of Mange Shampoo

Dermisil is one of the more popular feline mange shampoos. Like many other shampoos of this type, it contains a sulfur component that helps to trap and eliminate the mites by interfering with their nervous systems. Additionally, dandruff shampoos oftentimes help to relieve the symptoms of mange, and many of these other shampoos also contain active ingredients that are designed to eliminate the mites on your pet's skin as well. It's important to use only shampoos that have been specifically recommended by your vet for your cat, as other shampoos may not be safe.

Using Mange Shampoo

Most mange shampoos will require at least three washings in order to completely eliminate the mites on your pet's body. The reason that it's especially important to eliminate all of these mites is that they will tend to repopulate your pet's body if you don't kill off all of them. Because of the life cycle of the mite and the fact that you must also eliminate mite eggs, you'll have to be prepared to bathe your cat multiple times.

When bathing your pet, follow all safety instructions. You may need to wear gloves or other protective wear to make sure that you don't come into contact with the shampoo. The shampoo should also be kept out of your pet's mouth and eyes. Ask your vet for more information about using feline mange shampoo.