Cat Taurine Supplements Explained

Cat taurine supplements provide felines with concentrated amounts of taurine, an organic acid found naturally in the brains, muscles, bones and retinas of many animals. Taurine helps create essential amino acids and aids in the production of bile, a substance required for digestion. It also plays a key role in feline health by contributing to the proper function of cardiac, neurological, musculoskeletal, immune and reproductive systems.

Although taurine is important for cat health, felines have low levels of the enzymes needed to create the substance. Meat, fish and many commercial cat foods are common sources of taurine. Supplements may be another effective way to increase your cat's taurine levels.

Selecting a Taurine Supplement

Like other cat supplements, taurine is considered a nutraceutical, not a prescription drug. It is available as an ingredient in many cat vitamins sold at specialty pet, health and nutrition retailers. Owners have many options when it comes to vitamins containing taurine, including:

  • Vitamin tablets
  • Liquid gel capsules
  • Flavored gels
  • Chewable tablets and treats
  • Powder and liquid supplements

Taurine supplements and other vitamins are generally not regulated by the FDA, so owners may want conduct research or consult a veterinarian or animal nutritionist for brands and products that best meet their pet's needs.