The Dangers of Feeding a Cat Dog Food

When feeding a cat, dog food is not acceptable. Dog food does not contain the nutrients essential to feline health. Cats require a strict diet of high-protein. Their bodies do not digest grains and vegetables easily. Cat food is specially formulated to be protein rich with essential amounts of taurine.

Importance of Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid found in commercial cat foods. While dogs' bodies produce sufficient amounts of taurine naturally, cats' bodies do not produce it at all. Without taurine, a cat will go blind because their retinas deteriorate.

Choosing your Cat's Food

Check the label on foods given to your cat; supplements for taurine must be included. Prescription cat food often contains this essential amino acid, but it is still best to check the taurine levels.

If you decide to feed your cat a raw cat food diet, you will need to add taurine cat supplements to his diet.

Many cats enjoy the taste of dog food and will sneak pieces whenever possible. Do what you can to stop your cat; dog food isn't a healthy option. When your dog is not eating, put the remaining dog food out of the cat's reach. When your dog is eating, shut your cat into another room or feed the dog in another room.