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Skin and Hair Conditions

Cat skin and hair conditions are the first sign of vitamin deficiency in felines. If your cat is deficient in Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, and/or biotin, its skin and hair can appear dull and graying, and hair loss can result. Vitamin deficiency in cats is not the only cause of cat skin and hair problems. Certain skin conditions can be caused by certain food sensitivities or allergic reactions to plants and pesticides. Fleas, mites, stress, parasites, diabetes, thyroid disorder or cancer can cause other cat skin and hair conditions. Most cat skin and hair conditions can be treated successfully through topical or oral antibiotics, diet changes, and a number of homeopathic treatments. Fortunately, most cat skin and hair conditions can be prevented. To learn more about the different types of cat skin and hair conditions, treatment, and prevention, continue reading to get the facts.

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