Causes of Destructive Cat Scratching

Cat scratching is a behavioral problem that can be solved through training and employing other techniques. However, the cause of this behavior plays an important role in determining the most suitable solution to stop the destructive scratching.

Seeking Attention

A cat may develop destructive behavior such as scratching furniture, spraying or excessive meowing in order to get your attention.

The cat may have an illness or going throughn emotional difficulty, so he needs your support.

Try to detect any possible injuries or illnesses and visit the vet for medication and treatment.

Sharpening of Nails

Cat scratching may be a normal behavior, as the cat regularly performs nail sharpening. Cats need to have sharp nails that are not too long, so as to be able to feel and get around normally.


Aggression can be present in cats and is due to fear, pain or the lack of training. The cat may show aggressiveness towards people or other cats.

Training your cat when he is a kitten can prevent this aggression; even when your cat is older, his aggressive behavior may be corrected though training.


A stressed cat may be excessively scratching your furniture, floors, other objects or himself.

Stress may be relived with therapy or medication, but you need to identify and eliminate the stress factor first.

Fear and Shyness

Cats that are afraid or shy may scratch around the house. The source of fear can be detected. Cats may be trained to overcome shyness and socialize with other cats or people.


A cat in pain may signal this through a modified behavior, including excessive vocalization and scratching. The cat wants to ease the pain and he believes that scratching the floor may help. Meanwhile, this behavior may also be similar to the attention seeking scratching, as the cat may want to let you know he is in pain.


Cats often scratch as they are bored. Lack of activity or lack of toys may determine your cat to attack your furniture and floors and scratch until he is exhausted.


If the cat is scratching himself, he may have parasites or a skin infection. Detect the parasites as early as possible and eliminate them with suitable solutions.

Stop Destructive Cat Scratching

Declawing is not a humane solution to stop your cat from scratching.

Identifying the reason why your cat displays the destructive scratching behavior will give you a solution.

The cat can be trained not to be shy, fearful or aggressive.

Put a few scratching posts around your home, in the places where your cat usually scratches the floor or the furniture. You may also give your cat a few old rugs that he may tear apart, which offers him variety and satisfaction.

Toys may also be the target of your cat’s scratching; the toys may be softer or harder, but make sure they are suitable for your pet’s size.

Visit the vet for a routine checkup to ensure that your cat is healthy and the behavior is not due to pain.