Cat Scratching Prevention

Cat scratching may be a problem as it may cause a lot of damage in the house, if the cat scratches the furniture, or it may affect the health of the cat, if the cat is scratching himself. Declawing may be considered a way to stop cats from scratching, but this procedure may be painful for the cat and is not considered a humane treatment. You may prevent cat scratching through different methods, that won’t involve the declawing of the cat.

Scratch Posts

Scratching may be a natural need of cats to sharpen their claws and relax.

Scratch posts may prevent the scratching behavior; you should install a few scratching posts around the house, where the cat typically spends time. The scratching posts should be in the cat’s sight, so if he is tempted to scratch, he will attack the posts instead of the floor or the furniture.

Old rugs may also satisfy your cat’s need for scratching. It’s good to keep the cat entertained, so offering varied scratching materials may keep your cat away from the other objects in your home.


A proper behavioral training will ensure that your cat will not be too shy or aggressive, as these may also cause scratching behavior. In addition, you should also train your cat to use scratching posts instead of scratching the furniture. Positive reinforcement techniques work best.

You may also punish your cat when he scratches the floor of the couch by sending him in an isolated place for 5 minutes.


A regular exercise program will make sure that your cat spends his energy in a constructive manner. A lot of times, cats scratch around the house, as they are bored and need to spend their excess energy.

Initiate a few games and make sure your cat spends his energy while playing; you may also opt for other types of exercising such as running or walking. The exercises should be challenging for your cat, otherwise he will not pay any attention and get back to scratching.


You may also offer your cat different toys, cardboard boxes and materials that may be used for scratching. Cats may easily get bored and they appreciate challenges and variety. The toys may be made of different materials of varied textures.

Scratch Deterrents

Cat scratching may also be prevented by using some scratch deterrents on furniture and places where your cat likes to scratch. Make sure that the ingredients of the sprays you use are not toxic for the cat.

Identify the Possible Reasons for Scratching

Cat scratching may be caused by a number of factors including boredom, stress, the need to play and spend extra energy, pain, aggressiveness or it may be an attention seeking behavior. If the cat scratches himself, this may be due to parasites or itchy skin.

All these reasons must be considered when a cat displays scratching behavior.

If the cat scratches himself you need to pay a visit to the vet to determine what type of treatment your pet needs. Once the condition is treated, the scratching should go away.