The 4 Main Causes of Dog Trauma

The 4 main causes of dog trauma all require quick action to prevent further injury. Should you experience a dog emergency, especially a trauma involving a dog head, be prepared to take the animal to a veterinarian clinic or hospital immediately. The dog brain is fragile and any swelling must be treated quickly to prevent permanent problems. Dog health should be monitored closely because additional treatment may be necessary if the injuries persist.


Dogs often swallow items not meant for canine consumption such as socks or small toys. If these items get lodged in the animal's throat the airway may become blocked and the animal may die. If you suspect the dog is choking, first open his mouth to see if the item is visible. If so, then pull it out and the animal should then be able to breathe. If you cannot see the item but are sure the animal is choking, attempt the Heimlich maneuver. Place the dog in front of you with its hind legs directly to your side. Wrap your arms tightly around the dog's waist and clasp your hands together just under the animal's ribs. Squeeze in three sharp quick thrusts then check to see if the item has been dislodged. and is now visible. If you can see the object, carefully pull it out and the dog should be able to breathe. If the item is still not visible, take your dog immediately to the vet for medical attention.

Automobile Injury

Being hit by a vehicle is another cause of dog trauma. If you dog is struck, check immediately for broken bones by running your hands along his limbs. If the animal can get up and walk without a limp there is probably not a broken bone. If the animal cannot walk or yelps when you run your hands over his limbs, the limb may be broken and will require a vet to set it. Another common injury related to being hit by an automobile is cuts or bruises. These injuries can be treated by washing out the cuts thoroughly and using an antiseptic. If the cut is deep or bleeding is significant, you will need to take the dog to the vet for stitches.

Head Trauma

There are several causes of head trauma in dogs and can include seizures, falls or accidentally being hit by a child's swing or baseball bat. If your animal has been hit, you should look for lacerations or swelling. There may also be bleeding from the nose or ears and the pupils may be dilated. The dog may also lose consciousness and should you witness any of these symptoms, take the animal to the vet as soon as possible because internal bleeding may have occurred and a vet will need to run tests to diagnose the problem.

Animal Bites

If your dog has been involved in a fight with another animal, he may suffer puncture wounds inflicted by an animal bite. If you discover a puncture wound, run water over it to clean out the germs and treat with antibiotic ointments. If swelling occurs, this may be an indication of a snake bite. If you did not see your dog bitten and cannot confirm whether the snake was poisonous, it is best to seek medical attention so the vet can determine if antivenin is required.