Why Cheap Dog Food Gets What You Paid For

There is a reason certain brands of dog food are so cheap. Instead of offering nutritious, easily digested ingredients, their recipes are filled with preservatives, coloring, sweeteners, additives, binders, grains and by-products.

Too Much Wheat, Not Enough Meat

Grains like corn and wheat are often the leading ingredients in cheap dog food and are listed under different names, such as wheat bran, corn meal, ground wheat, wheat flour and corn gluten. When combined, however, the amount of corn and wheat often replaces and fills the void that should contain necessary high-protein meat sources like chicken, beef, venison or lamb.

Avoid By-Products

When shopping for dog food, become familiar with the labels and ingredients. Buy meat-based dog foods that use quality meat sources and feature meat as the first main ingredient. This does not include meat or poultry by-products or meat and bone meals, which are used as protein fillers and are unhealthy. Meat by-products come from the organs of slaughtered animals and can include lungs, kidneys, brain, liver, blood, bones, spleen, stomach and intestines.

Small Nutritious Portions

Dogs that are eating a balanced diet and getting the proper nutrition will require smaller portions than when they were eating cheap dog food as their body gets the necessary nutrients with less food. These good feeding habits prevent obesity and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.