Cheap Pet Prescriptions Examined

If you are looking to save some money, cheap pet prescriptions can be a great help. Cheap pet medicine needs to be purchased with caution: some prescription programs are legitimate and cost efficient while others offer savings because the medicine being sold could be what one did not bargained for.

Buy Prescription Drugs at Your Local Pharmacy

Sometimes a veterinarian may write a pet prescription for a drug that has an equivalent that humans can consume. Examples of this include heart medications, cancer drugs, insulin, and antibiotics. When this happens, the drug could be purchased using the $4 generic prescription program.

If a pet is using a medication long term, ask the pharmacy if they have a prescription discount program. These programs often have an annual membership fee, but may be worth the cost in the savings one may attain. Discount prescription programs at pharmacies may offer three months worth of a prescription for the cost of one month of the drug, depending on the program.

Online Pet Prescription Vendors

When it comes to purchasing pet prescriptions online, it is hard to know whom to trust. A veterinarian or a vet's assistant may be able to tell you which companies are reputable and which are not.

It is advised to purchase from a vendor whose business is based in the United States or Canada as these countries have higher standards when it comes to pet prescription sales. Make sure these companies are licensed to sell prescription drugs for pets, too. Some international pet prescription vendors do not have strict monitoring of their medicines and one could unintentionally purchase a prescription that is tainted, causing further illness to a pet. When purchasing medications for a pet online, make sure the good price is backed-up by the FDA's or EPA's approval.

If ordering pet prescriptions online, the vendor may need a copy of the actual prescription sent to the company via fax or email. Some companies allow one to simply input the veterinarian's contact information and a representative will contact the vet's office directly to confirm the prescription.

Buying Prescription Drugs from a Veterinarian

It is common knowledge that purchasing prescription medicine from a veterinarian's office will often be more expensive than buying the same drug somewhere else. Some vets will even try to discourage a pet's owner from buying a prescription elsewhere. If this happens, the vet may need a gentle reminder about one's intent to save money. Some vets may offer generic versions of the same prescription or be willing to negotiate the cost of their in-house medications. Some providers may even price-match other pharmacies. If the treatment is temporary or short-term, a vet may have free samples a pet could use.

If a pet is in urgent, immediate need of medication, do not hesitate to purchase a prescription from the vet; the health and life saved will be worth the un-pinched pennies.

Buy discounted pet prescription drugs with caution. Many companies offer great deals that can benefit a pet and pocket book. Some, though, will take one's money in exchange for a form of the prescription that has been altered.