Should You Buy Pet Medicine Online Instead of the Vet?

It is easier than ever to buy pet medicine online today. But is this $35-billion-per-year industry necessarily the best choice? It depends.

Buying Pet Prescriptions from a Veterinarian

Medicines a veterinarian can provide are sometimes more expensive than medicines sold through an online pet pharmacy. However, can one's pet afford to wait for the pet meds to arrive in the mail? It does not make sense to wait for a medicine a pet will need immediately.

Many veterinarians do not write prescriptions for pets and prefer to sell items through their offices.

A veterinarian should always back-up the products and prescriptions sold through his office. This is a feature one may not find with online pet pharmacies. A vet's prices are almost backed-up with quality medicines and products.

If a vet does write prescriptions for clients to fill outside of his office, he may be hesitant to transfer a prescription to an online company, especially if it is one he has never heard about. However, a vet may be able to refer a pet owner to a reputable online pet pharmacy or a local pharmacy in town that sells pet medications for a reasonable price.

Buying Pet Prescriptions Online

If one wants to buy pet medicines online, he should let his veterinarian know this is the preferred option because of the lower price and the convenience of not having to go to a pharmacy, vet clinic or pet store. Let the vet know the name of the pet pharmacy will be contacting his office so he can be prepared. Sometimes a veterinary clinic can call or fax-in a prescription order right away.

Veterinarians recommend that one purchase pet medicines from a vendor that has their online business in the United States or Canada. These countries have higher standards when it comes to pet prescription sales. Make sure the online pharmacy is licensed to sell prescription drugs for pets in the United States because some pet prescription vendors in the international community do not have regulations about how medicines are made, stored and monitored. One could unknowingly purchase a prescription that is tainted and cause illness to a pet. When purchasing medications for a pet online one should know where the medicine is coming from and make sure it is backed-up by the FDA's or EPA's approval.

Reputable Online Pet Pharmacies

A reputable online pet pharmacy will never sell a client pet medications that require a prescription if one does not have a prescription; this is illegal. Quality online pharmacies will consult with one's veterinarian for the specifics of the medicine prescribed.

A reputable company that sells pet meds via the Internet is one that has been in business for over a year and is more than willing to provide a customer with all of their contact information. One should be able to ask this business question at any time-before or after a sale-and should have a customer service number available to customers or potential customers.

It is hard to say if buying pet prescriptions through one's vet is better than purchasing them online. The answer depends on the situation, the need to have the medication right away, the online company and its reputation and one's budget.