Choosing a Cat Carrier for Daily Use

Many owners purchase a cat carrier to use on certain occasions like moving, car rides, long trips, a trip to the vet, or air travel. For a cat holder that can be used every day, owners should look for some different features like comfort, size, portability and convenience. Soft cat carriers are perfect for daily use.

Hard Cat Carriers

Hard cat carriers are generally made of durable hard plastic and are ideal for plane travel or long trips. The materials are built to stand a large amount of bumps and scratches while keeping your cat safe. There are usually steel grates on the door and ventilation on all sides of the carrier, along with adjustable straps inside the carrier to keep your cat restrained. Hard cat carriers should be large enough for your cat to stand up and turn around in, and sturdy and heavy enough to withstand a car ride or plane trip. Because of the size, weight and bulkiness of hard carriers, owners are better off purchasing a soft cat carrier or cat handbag if they want to transport their pets more frequently.

Advantages of Soft Cat Carriers

  • Soft cat carriers are more flexible than hard carriers and made of softer fabrics like nylon and mesh.
  • Though not all soft carriers can be easily folded up and stored, a soft cat carrier will be easier to store, lighter and more portable than a hard plastic carrier.
  • Soft carriers can also be used in many airplane cabins, offering a preferred option for cat owners when compared to putting your cat in cargo.
  • Soft cat carriers come in various sizes including a smaller cat handbag that hangs around the front of you or a larger cat holder that is enclosed and more secure.
  • Cats often prefer smaller spaces and a soft carrier provides a more secure, enclosed environment than hard cat carriers.
  • Soft cat carriers and cat handbags are generally easier to physically handle than hard cat carriers because they frequently have shoulder straps and handles.
  • Soft cat carriers often have pockets and compartments for easy storage of treats, a leash or water bottle.

Disadvantages of Soft Cat Carriers

  • In warm weather soft cat carriers can cause your cat to become very warm. Hard carriers usually have better ventilation along with more room for your cat to move around.
  • Soft cat carriers are less sturdy and lighter than hard carriers, making them more likely to slide around the back of a car on long trips.
  • After bathroom accidents, soft carriers are more difficult to clean when compared to hard cat carriers.
  • All cat owners should own some type of cat carrier, even if they do not plan on taking their cat on any trips. Cat carriers are a safe and necessary way to transport your pet to the veterinarian for an emergency or just a routine office visit. For everyday use and frequent trips in the car or an airplane, soft cat carriers are easy to maneuver, comfortable and safe for you and your cat.