Choosing Between Cat Travel Carriers for Maximum Safety

Cat travel can be stressful. Since cats don't travel as easily or as well as dogs in a car, it is important to find a cat carrier that is practical and safe. When choosing a travel carrier for a cat, the feline's safety should be the #1 priority.

Car Carrier Bag

Car carrier bags are usually soft and have supportive frames so the bag does not collapse onto the cat. The sides of the bag typically have mesh so a cat is able to look out and have good ventilation. These types of bags are ideal for trips in the car as they are lightweight and easy to manage.

Some carrier bag models are now collapsible and can be stored without taking up a lot of space. Collapsible car carriers are only recommended for cats that weigh less than 15 lbs.

It is recommended that cats in car carrier bags be placed in the backseat of a vehicle, on the floor. Airbags in the front and sides of cars can seriously injure a cat if they are hit with one during an automobile accident.

Some car carrier bags for cats can also be used for air travel. If the bag is the correct size, one can bring a cat in an approved carrier and stow him or her under the seat of an airplane.

Cat Slings and Pocket Carriers

Cat slings and pocket carriers are best suited for transporting cats that are not very mobile if one is traveling by foot. These types of carriers resemble the kind parents use to carry a baby on his or her torso.

This type of carrier is not recommended for use in a vehicle as front airbags can injure a cat. Nor should one transport a cat in this type of carrier if sitting in the backseat of a car as cats may get loose from the sling and want to roam around the vehicle or run around in a panic, distracting the driver.

Kennel Cabs

Kennel cabs are rigid and made of sturdy plastic. There are holes for ventilation on the longer sides of the cab, and the front is made of a sturdy wire that has a hinge to allow it to open and close like a door.

Sturdy kennels are often recommended for when one is traveling with a cat by airplane, especially if the cat will be stowed with luggage in the cargo area of a plane. When taking a cat flying, make sure the kennel or cat cargo carrier being used is FAA-approved.

Some kennel cabs double as a cat car seat. Some companies manufacture kennel cabs that come with a base that is to be secured with the seatbelt in a car. The kennel then can be attached to the base so it does not slide around during a trip in the car or become a projectile object during an auto accident.

Cat Carriers should be comfortable for the pet and his or her owner. Ultimately, though, a carrier should ensure and maximize the safety of the furry passenger inside.