Choosing the Best Kitten Food

Dry kitten food is convenient and can be the main component of a healthy cat diet. Premium cat food provides the right balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for growing kittens.

Advantages of Dry Food

Healthy kitten food will strengthen the immune system and build strong muscles, bones and teeth. Dry cat food can be served free choice-left out to allow your cat to eat at will. Cats are nocturnal by nature and many prefer to eat late at night, but won't eat canned food that has been left to sit. This aspect of cat behavior makes dry food a good choice for late night diners.

Types of Dry Food

There is a wide variety of dry foods available in many flavors and formulations. If your cat is prone to hairballs, stomach upset or urinary tract infections, there are special foods to combat these health problems.

If you decide to experiment with different brands or formulations, do so gradually over a one-week period.