Clipping Kitten Claws Safely

Clipping kitten claws is an important part of grooming. Started early, cat nail trimming will become an easy and quick part of your regular routine.

When Cat Nail Trimming Is Necessary

If your kitten's nails are getting caught in the carpet or drawing blood from your ankles, the answer is yes.

Benefits of Regular Nail Clipping

Prevents painful broken nails;

Helps prevent furniture destruction, a common reason for painful cat declawing.

How to Trim Kitten Claws

To get started, purchase a pair of cat nail trimmers. Available at pet supply stores, specialty trimmers make trimming easy and safe.

Sit on the floor with your cat. Gently squeeze her paw to extend the nails. Look closely at her claws: you will see a dark interior area which is the nail quick. Do not cut into the quick.

Tip: During the first few sessions, you may wish to stop here. This will get her acclimated to the process.

Once she's comfortable with paw handling, introduce the clippers. Squeeze her paw and cut the tip off at a 45-degree angle. You are just removing the sharp point.

Trim your kitten's claws regularly to keep nails in top shape. Once or twice a month is a good schedule.