Common Cat Allergy Remedy Questions

If your cat suffers from allergies he will sneeze, have watery eyes and a runny nose and may also have rashes on the skin. Relieving the allergies should be a priority. As an owner you may have some cat allergy remedy questions.

What Allergy Remedy Options Does My Cat Have?

If your cat is allergic to food, dust, pollens, chemicals or other irritants, there are a few options of traditional treatment:

  • Antihistamines that can inhibit the production of histamines that are secreted by the body when the allergen is present. The histamines cause the allergy symptoms.
  • Steroids that will reduce the allergic symptoms such as rashes, itchiness or swelling. Steroids should only be administered for a short period of time, given the multiple side effects these may have in cats (i.e., liver or renal failure). Steroids can be administered as pills or shots and may also be available as topical ointments for rashes.
  • Allergy shots are efficient in treating allergies, but these are not effective in treating food or contact allergies.

What's the Best Cat Allergy Remedy?

The best remedy for your cat is the one that best manages the allergy symptoms. Some cats display severe symptoms, while others only have mild allergies. Your cat may try several types of medication before the vet finds the most suitable one, as different cats react differently to medication.

From the 3 frequently used treatment options, antihistamines and the steroids are only recommended for short term use, as they may lead to side effects that can be more severe than the allergy symptoms.

Allergy shots are presently the most efficient treatment for cat allergies. However, they cannot be administered for food allergies. The allergy shots work in 80% of the treated cats. Allergy shots may completely eliminate the symptoms in some cats, while antihistamines or steroids only relieve the symptoms.

Some cats display allergy symptoms only during the spring, and a simple steroid shot may relieve the irritation.

Where Do I Get the Allergy Medication?

Allergy medicines are prescription medications. Even if you may find a few over the counter antihistamines, you should still consult your vet first.

It is highly recommended that you see a vet to determine if your pet is indeed allergic, and find the source of allergies. The vet will then prescribe the treatment that he finds suitable.

How Are Food Allergies Cured?

So far, the only cure for food allergies is the elimination of the food that produces irritation in the cat. Food trials will reveal the identity of the culprit ingredient.

Are There Any Alternative Remedies?

Allergies are a response of a weak immune system to different allergens that cause the negative reactions. This is why only some cats are allergic. Getting some immunity boosters can diminish the allergy symptoms. Omega 3 fatty acids are effective immunity boosters. There are also other herbal compounds that can relieve the allergy symptoms.

Talk to a holistic vet and determine the best supplements for your pet.