Pet Dander Control

Pet dander is the most common allergen that affects more sensitive people. The pet dander contains a glycoprotein that causes an overreaction of the immune system, which will produce histamines that cause the allergy symptoms. Controlling pet dander can significantly reduce the pet allergies. You should reduce the dander from your home and control your pet's skin health.

Clean the Home

The pet sheds a lot of dander every day and most of it will end up in your home, on your furniture, floors and other items. You should keep your house clean to reduce the amount of dander. Use a vacuum cleaner and wear a protective mask, so that you won't inhale the dander. If your allergies are severe, you should get someone else to perform the cleaning. You will have to remove the dander from your furniture by cleaning it with a damp cloth. Clean your carpets, drapes and pillows. Don't forget to clean the hidden places of your home, where dander may be deposited.

Remove Carpets and Drapes

Carpets and drapes gather high amounts of dander and are also difficult to clean. You may remove your carpets and drapes, and in this manner the dander will be easier to eliminate when cleaning.

Control the Amount of Dander Shed

You can control the pet dander by reducing the amount of dander your pet sheds in the first place. The amount of dander may be higher in dogs with dry skin. Dry skin in dogs may be caused by a poor diet or by the use of an unsuitable shampoo.

Check with your vet to see if your pet has a suitable diet and get a few supplements that can keep your pet's skin moisturized. The shampoo you use should be formulated for pets and should contain natural substances and no fragrances or other chemicals that could cause allergies and dry skin. Allergic pets have dry skin and shed more dander. You should also get a routine vet checkup to see if your pet's skin is healthy, as some skin infections or parasites may cause dry skin and excessive flaking.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can reduce the pet dander by cleaning the air. Purchase air purifiers that are effective in eliminating pet dander.

No Pet Access Zone

Establishing some boundaries is essential to control the pet dander. If your pet is not allowed in your bedroom, this area will be dander free. The bedroom is the area where you spend one third of your life, so you may want to keep it dander free and in this manner you will reduce your allergic reaction significantly.


You can reduce the pet dander, but you cannot eliminate it completely. Consequently, you will have to get an allergy treatment that works for you. Allergy shots are more recommended as long term treatments, but you may do well taking only antihistamines or steroids.