The Cost of Veterinary Ultrasound Machine Procedures

Some diagnoses of certain health conditions necessitate the use of a veterinary ultrasound machine. Veterinary ultrasound is a painless procedure for your pet. No ionizing radiation is involved unlike other veterinary radiology equipment, such as x-rays. Unfortunately, this procedure is more expensive. Expect to pay $300 to $500 depending upon the procedure and whether it is done at a veterinarian's office or a hospital.

UltraSound Machine Shows Image of Internal Organs

An ultrasound machine utilizes sound waves to create an image of internal organs on a monitor resembling a computer screen. A hand-held probe is placed above the location to be viewed. Since air impedes these waves, any long hair must be shaven away first. This is a non-invasive tool allowing visualization of tissues not otherwise possible.

An ultrasound (sonogram) machine is a piece of veterinary equipment that permits diagnosis of a condition without the use of surgery. It is safer and more economical than contrast radiography and shows more detail than x-rays. During a sonogram, organs can actually be viewed as they are functioning.