Which Are the Best Dog Dental Bones?

When searching for the best dog dental bones, look closely at the ingredients. Fillers like corn gluten meal provide no nutritional value. In addition, they are high in sugar leading to obesity and even diabetes. Types of Dental Treats You will find four main types of dog dental bones in stores: * biscuits * nylon dog dental bones * dog chews * rawhide When considering the purchase of dog dental bones, you may be tempted to "go natural". But this may not be the best solution. Grocery stores sell raw bones, but they cause stomach upset in many dogs and it's best to avoid them. Never give a dog a cooked bone. Cooked bones splinter and cause internal damage. Dog Biscuits Biscuits, like Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits, contain some ingredients like salt that really are not necessary. Read the ingredient list. Dogs love the taste, but they eat them quickly so little to no plaque scrapes off. Dog Chews Harder dental chews like Greenies or Beefeaters remove more plaque and tartar because they take longer to chew. Dog chews come in many flavors including beef, chicken and vegetable. Many contain mint to help freshen the breath. Nylon Dog Bones Made from strong polymers, Nyloabones last a long time and even a dog with a strong jaw cannot tear them apart. Nubs cover the surface of nylon bones. These nubs massage the gums while the dog is chewing. Nylon dog dental bones are not edible and last a long time. Rawhide Rawhide is a great option for dogs. Made from the skin of cattle, rawhide takes a long time to chew. The rawhide scrapes away plaque and tartar. Because bacteria thrive on rawhide, you must throw out it out after a week.