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T4 levels -Average Tail docking Tapeworms Teeth cleaning without anesthesia Teeth - impacted Teeth - missing Television watching in Great Dane Temperature - normal Tendon - severed Testicles - Difference in size Testosterone use in female Greyhounds - lasting effects T/D diet Thin Thrombocytopenia - bleeding Thrombocytopenic purpura Thunderstorm Anxiety Tibial plateau leveling Tick control Tick removal Tiercom TMJ in dogs Toenail Maintenance Tooth - broken Toxic reaction to foreign body obstruction Toxin Tracheal Collapse Trachea collapse- teeth need cleaning Tracheal wash Tracheobronchitis Transitional Cell Carcinomas Trauma Travel - Sedation and Airplane Travel Travel - Moving older dog Trazadone Trembling in rear legs Trembling or tremoring in small dog Tremoring Tresaderm (Rx) Treats Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO) Thrombocytopenic Purpura Tumor Grading and staging - the ways tumors are classified Tylan and false test results Tylenol Tylanol vs aspirin Tylanol side effects with IBD Tylosin (Tylan Rx) Tylosin side effects with IBD


Urate urinary tract stones in Dalmatian Urinary control - overcoming early training Urinary control - submissive and excitement Urinary crystals and bladder stones in Corgi Urinary incontinence Urinary problems Urinary problems and T/D diet Urinary retention Urination in house - older housebroken dog Urine - blood in Urine killing grass Urine - leaking Urine licking or drinking Urine licking with incontinence Urine marking Urine specific gravity and disease process Urine yellowing lawn Ursodiol side effects Uterine infection (pyometra) Uveitis


Vaccination - allergy Vaccinations - annual Vaccination - benefits and risks Vaccinations - choosing to revaccinate yearly or not Vaccination lumps Vaccine reaction - to lepto in vaccine Vaccination schedule - puppy Vaccine Vaginal Hemolytic Strep Vaginal prolapse Vaginitis Vaginitis - Primary lymphocytic/plasmacytic Valley Fever Valium Vascular Ring Anomaly Vasculitis, folliculitis, hepatocutaneous syndrome are possibilities in German Shepherd Vestibular Vestibular syndrome - Idiopathic Vestibular syndrome - peripheral (geriatric) Vision - how dogs see Vitamin C Vitamin C therapy for mast cell tumors Vitamin E Vitamin injections Vitamin therapy - arthritis Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Volvulus Vomiting Vomiting - chronic Vomiting with diarrhea Vomiting - with liver problems Vomiting in the morning - (mostly) von Willebrand's Vulva - tucked Vulvar fold pyoderma/cellulitis


Walking difficulty with back legs Water intake - increase Water intake - daily Weaning puppies Weight - ideal Weight - thin Weight loss - sudden Weight and Muscle loss Weight range Whipworms whiskers White cell count rise White Shaker Dog Syndrome Wisconsin lymphoma protocol Wobbler's Syndrome Worms - Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms

X X-ray- Do infections show on

Y Yeast tablets

Z Zoonotic Disease