Cat Info - Alphabetical Index 2

Cat Info - Alphabetical Index 2

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N-acetylcysteine Nail loss Napthalene or moth balls in vacuum bag Nasal Discharge - chronic Nasal drip Nasal Lymphoma Nasal ordor in Himalayan - nasal passage mass Nasal polyp in diabetic cat Neurological problems Neuter Normal values Nose - Stuffy nose and sneezing in Himalayan Nostril Drainage Not eating Nuclear lenticular sclerosis Nursing kittens Nystagmus


Odd feral male cat behavior Odor problem and chronic bladder problems Older cat grooming Onion and garlic toxicity in cats and dogs Oral diabetes medication Orphaned very young Orthopedic problems Otitis media - Chronic Oviban


Pain - assessing Pain control Pancreatitis Panleukopenia (distemper) Panleukopenia (distemper) vaccine Paronychia ( nail bed infection) Paroxysmal respiration or reverse sneeze Pemphigus Pemphigus foliaceous in Birman PeptoBismal Perineal urethrostomy Periocular leukotrichia Peritonitis - feline infectious Personality change Petellar luxation Phenochromocytomsas Photodynamic therapy for squamous cell carcinoma and other tumors Photo gallery - medical Pica - generalized Pilling Pilling - metronidazole Pityrosporum Plasmacytic stomatitis Pleural effusion Poison control - animal Poison - mouse Polycystic renal disease Portosystemic shunt in kitten - Congenital Postnatal Potassium - low Potassium levels, seizures Prednisone and diabetes Prednisone and IBD Pregnancy - feline Pregnancy -Giving aid to your cat during difficult delivery,stillborn kittens Pregnancy - how do you tell Pregnant women - risk presented by cats Prenatal Pre Surgical Bloodwork panel - how necessary is it? Primaxin (Rx) and Bordetella Program Rx - (Lufenuron ) for treatment of Ringworm Prolapse - rectal, anal and colon - identification and treatment Prolapsed rectum Pruritis Psudomonas aeruginosa Psychogenic Alopecia Pulling out fur Pulmonary edema Pulmonary edema and cardiomyopathy Pulse PureVax rabies vaccination Purevax(tm) rabies vaccine reaction Purina DM Formula (tm) diet for diabetic cats Pupil size - uneven PZI Insulin


Quarantine of cats moving to England Quivering eyes - nystagmus


Rabies risk Rabies vaccine Rabies vaccinations - should older cats with health problems still get them Radial Nerve Paralysis Radiation Therapy Radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroidism Ranitidine ( Xantac Rx) Rectal problems Renal Amyloidosis Renal failure Renal Failure Respiratory infections in cats in groups Respiratory problems Respiratory rates -increased - (tachypnea) Retching/vomiting - nonproductive Retinal Atrophy Rezulin Rhinitis/sinusitis in cats Rhinotracheitis as an infectious disease Rhinotracheitis infections Rhinotracheitis vaccine Rimadyl Ringworm Rodent ulcer Rodenticide poison Roundworms Routine maintenance Royal Jelly


Salivation - excessive Scabbiness Scooting and hairloss around anus Scooting on carpet after anal sacs have been removed Scratching - furniture Scratching - wallpaper Seizures Seizure Control Seizures, low potassium levels Seizures and Phenobarbitol Seizures, sleep apnea in blind cats Separation anxiety Sexing a cat or kittens Shedding - excessive Skin problems Skin - oily Skin spots - sphynx cat Sleep and cats Sneezing Sneezing and eye infection Spay - residual ovarian tissue Spayed - estrus signs Spina Bifida Spleen removal in cat Splenectomy for splenic mast cell tumors Spontaneous iris melanosis Spraying Spraying and Feliway Spraying behavior in male cat Squamous cell carcinoma Staggering, loss of eye control Stanazol (Winstrol Rx) Stiff joints- treating pain in cats Stimulate - appetite Stomatitis-chronic/chronic inflammatory gingivitis Stomatitis - is it contagious Stomatitis - new treatment medications Strokes and other possibilities in cats Stuffy nose and sneezing in Himalayan Sudden death Swallowing problems- unreadable biopsy Swollen nose - possible abscess Symptoms - assorted


T4 Levels in cat Table scraps and cats Tagamet Tail Chasing Tail chewing Tail gland hyperplasia - stud tail Tapazole for hyperthyroidism Tapazole and cats Tapeworms Tapeworm - graphic Teeth Teeth, gums and FIV Temperature - normal Tendonectomy Territoriality problems between cats Test - feline leukemia Test - heartworm Testicle - retained Theophylline (TheoDur Rx) Thin Maine Coon Cat Third eyelid up Tiercom Titer Tongue sticking out Toxicity of household cleaning products Toxic plants and cats Toxin Toxin - acetaminophen Toxin - aspirin Toxin - rodenticide Toxoplasmosis Toxoplasmosis - pregnancy risk Triad syndrome Tumor - fatty cell Twitching in cats

U Ultrasound exam (echocardiography) for Cardiomyopathy Underweight Bengal Kitten Uneven pupil Urinary Urinary Problems - periodic Urinary acidifiers Urination, Improper - medical or behavioral Urine - blood after antibiotic therapy Urinary tract and bowel problems Urine marking Urinating marking behavior on cloths and owner Urine marking behavior Urine odor treatment Urine - trickling Upper respiratory condition Uveitis (inflammation of the eye)


Vaccination Vaccination - differing medical opinion Vaccine induced fibrosarcomas Vaccination lump - rabies Vaccine protocol update Vaccination reaction Vaccines Vaccines - killed vs modified live Values - norms Vestibular Disorder Vision in cats - color vision Vitiligo Vomiting Vomiting and blood in stools -kitten Vomiting and cardiomyopathy Vomiting blood Voice loss


Walking - difficulty Walking on hock or heel on one leg Water drinking - excessive Water intake for cats - calculating Weight - average Weight gain - after spay Weight control in a multi cat household Weight Loss Weight loss and bad breath Weight loss, older cat Weight loss - with kittens White cell count - High in cat Worms Worming Wound care after hit by car Wound - puncture

X Xzantac Rx Xanthomas and diabetes



Zenecarp Zoonotic disease