Direct Pet Insurance

Direct pet insurance is medical care insurance coverage for your dog or cat .With the rising cost of vet care services, medical supplies, hospitalization and surgeries, it’s important to consider buying medical insurance for your pet so that you can put your mind at ease. There are several pet insurance companies that offer you different plans and coverage tiers at competitive rates. While doing your research you need to keep in mind a few things so that you get the best policy at a good price.

Pet Insurance

As a pet owner you need to make sure that you look after your pet’s medical needs since he relies on you for this. It’s best to consider buying an insurance policy from one of the top animal insurance companies in your state. Smaller companies may seem promising but may fail to offer you prompt emergency services. Some companies also require you to take your pet to specific hospitals for treatment and this isn’t always feasible, particularly when the dog is severely injured or in critical condition.

Insurance Plans

Look for a comprehensive insurance policy that covers the cost of medical services related to chronic illness or recurring ailments. Also find out if the cost of insurance will go up based on the claims you file. If you like travelling with your pet, you must also look for policies that cover your pet’s medical fees that may be incurred, either out of state or out of the country. Some companies will charge you a deductible amount each time you visit a private vet hospital. Find out what this deductible amounts to and look at all your options before you sign the insurance contract.

Although certain companies directly pay the vet on your behalf, others require you to make upfront payments and submit claims. The claims filing process may not be transparent in some companies and this is something you must bear in mind when choosing one insurance company over the others.

Look for Plans

Look for plans that cover:

  • Accidents
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Tests performed at the lab
  • Prescription medications
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Terminal illnesses 
  • Recurring illnesses

Tips for Pet Owners

To make sure that you’re dealing with a good company, look for reviews online and find out how the company ranks with regards to customer satisfaction. You should carefully read the terms and conditions that are listed on the pet insurance policy to understand what you can claim. Most companies don’t list the services you can’t claim so make sure you specifically find out more about what’s not covered by the plan.

If you have pet insurance you can be assured that your dog will be well looked after particularly during emergency situations. You also won’t have to go through the stress about paying for extremely high medical services or procedures when your pet is ill.