Pet Insurance Coverage Options for Your Cat

With cat health insurance, pet owners save money and gain peace of mind. If a sudden health issue arises, pet plan coverage helps you afford costly veterinary services. Costly veterinary estimates for surgery and other necessary treatments force some pet owners to decide between unaffordable bills and euthanasia. Stop weighing the cost of pet health care to your savings.

When you enroll in cat health insurance, pet owners pay the bills at the veterinary office at the time of service. Mail or fax a completed claim form with the insurance company. The best pet insurance plans cover 80 percent of the expenses, minus any deductible. Usually within two weeks, you receive a reimbursement check from the insurance company for their share of the veterinary bill.

Cat Health Insurance Options Pet Owners Need

When shopping for the best pet insurance, consider the differences in plans, including coverage limitations. While extensive pet plan coverage is more expensive, in the long run you often save hundreds. Don't forget to consider the different deductible levels. Higher deductibles require more money from your own pocket when your claim is reimbursed, but premiums will be lower.

Advanced pet health care plans add coverage for yearly vaccinations, veterinary check ups and even dental cleanings. Basic plans simply cover emergency care like x-rays, lab work and surgical treatments. While premiums are higher, coverage for pet dentistry, emergency care and illnesses like cancer are beneficial in the long run. A simple UTI requiring hospitalization costs a pet owner hundreds of dollars and can reoccur at any time.

Discover three of the most highly rated companies offering pet health care insurance. Most basic plans cost a matter of dollars per week.

ASPCA Health Insurance Coverage

ASPCA health insurance pet plans provide four options:

  • Accident

  • Illness

  • Wellness

  • Wellness Plus

An ASPCA pet health care plan covers 80 percent of your allowable veterinary services. The coverage depends on the plan. Accident coverage pays bills for any treatments a cat requires following an accident, while Wellness Plus covers most anything.

Pets Best Cat Health Insurance Pet Plan

Pets Best insurance plans cover 80 percent of your veterinary procedures. Unlike other veterinary pet health insurance plans, Pets Best insurance provides coverage for holistic and alternative pet care. Treatments like acupuncture or chiropractic care are covered by your pet health care policy.

Choose between three levels of insurance coverage.

  • Pets Basic

  • Pets First

  • Pets Premier

Add BestWellness coverage for preventative care like vaccinations, dental care, spay/neuter procedures and annual health exams.

In addition to reasonable monthly premiums, the maximum benefit limits of $14,000 ensure you never have to skimp on your cat's health care needs.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Plans for Cats

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is handled by Nationwide Insurance. Benefits to a VPI cat health insurance for pet owners include multiple pet discounts, the freedom to use any veterinarian and extensive coverage for cats.

VPI offers coverage for every stage of a cat's life. You pick the policy that fits your needs. If you have a kitten, consider pet plan coverage that pays for a spay or neuter surgery and ingestion of poisons or foreign objects. For an adult or senior cat, coverage for cancer, UTIs, arthritis and dental care are important.