Reducing Dog Behavior Problems Through Proper Diet

Providing your dog with a combination of fresh, clean water, unprocessed foods, and exercise will help his overall well-being. Along with that, you can reduce those tell-tale dog behavior problems with the following tips:

Hyperactivity and Diet

A playful and energetic dog is healthy. However, if he's too hyperactive, change the amount sugar in his diet to normalize his behavior. Hyperactivity also arises from unnatural ingredients in dog food, such as chemical preservatives, artificial colorings and additives. Read labels to look for more natural products.

Lethargy and Depression

Low energy and weight gain are connected. A dog that is heavy becomes irritable and depressed. A carbohydrate-heavy diet and not enough exercise results in dog weight gain. Increase the amount of protein you feed your dog and lessen his carbohydrate intake. This will curb dog behavior problems like low energy, lack of motivation and irritability from joint pain.

Healthy Dog Food

Some mass-produced dog foods contain excessive carbohydrates and fillers. Feed your dog all-natural, organic foods, heavy on protein, so he can get a good mix of amino acids for increased energy. If gas poses a problem, feed him probiotic dog food.

Begging Problems?

Time your feedings right to stop your dog from begging. Serve his meals at the same time each day; usually after the rest of your family eats. Give him healthy treats that he likes. He will look forward to biscuits rather than table scraps and show less dog behavior problems at the dinner table.