Is Feeding Dogs Table Scraps Safe?

Pet owners are familiar with the scenario when the dog is begging for a bit of the food from the dinner table. Feeding dogs table scraps is wrong and there is a reason why dogs should eat solely dog food. The food humans eat is unhealthy for dogs and it may even be toxic, so stick to the commercial dog food.

Lack of Essential Nutrients

Giving your dog table scraps to eat is a poor choice, as you will not feed your dog the necessary nutrients. Dogs need certain types of nutrients in specific amounts and human diet is not suitable for dogs.

Dogs need at least 18% of proteins, 10 to 12% of fats and a significant amount of fibers in their diet. Dogs don’t need carbs and feeding them desert can be unhealthy for the dog’s body and his teeth.


Dogs that are fed table scraps tend to become overweight, as they get more fat and carbs than they need.

Commercial dog food contains the right concentration of fat and proteins that will maintain your dog fit. Of course, he still needs a bit of exercise, as diet alone won’t keep him fit, but table scraps will surely lead to unnecessary fat deposits.

Obesity leads to numerous health problems starting with heart conditions to joint problems and diabetes.

Consistency in Diet

Feeding your dog table scraps is not healthy. Dogs need a certain consistency in their diet and offering them potatoes today and steak tomorrow simply won’t do.

Dogs need to be fed a certain amount of food and at regular hours. If you insist on feeding your dog while you eat, get some healthy treats and feed them while you are having dinner when the dog begs for food.

Digestive Problems

Dogs may get digestive problems by eating human food. Your pet may not get the necessary amount of fibers, which promote a healthy digestion.

Also, if the food contains bones, the splinters may cause indigestion and even organ punctures.

Food Intolerances or Allergies

Human food may cause allergies or food intolerances in dogs. Dogs may have diarrhea and vomiting because of table scraps.

In more severe cases, the dog may develop allergies with itchiness and rashes.

Unhealthy Skin and Coat

Diet is directly linked to the aspect of the skin and coat of the dog. If your dog gets different types of foods from your table, poor in nutrients and protein, he will have dry skin and dull coat.

Toxic Foods

If you feed your pet table scraps you may accidentally poison him. There are certain foods that contain toxic substances for dogs. Garlic, onions, chocolate, alcohol, yeast, grapes or raisins are highly toxic for dogs and may lead to seizures, coma or even death.

Talk to your vet about the best dog food formula or if you choose to feed your dog homemade recipes, you should be aware of the important nutrients and the amounts needed by your pet. Don’t feed your dog table scraps and try to discourage his begging behavior by ignoring him or giving him a treat or a toy to chew on.