Hiring a Dog Behavior Specialist to Control Aggression

When your efforts to correct your dog's aggressive behavior haven't worked, consider a dog behavior specialist. Your dog should first be examined for any underlying health issues that could be causing the behavior, notably arthritis or other pain sources. Once health issues are ruled out, it's time to find the right dog behavior specialist.

Guide to Selecting a Dog Behavior Specialist

  • Call the specialist and interview them to ensure they are both qualified and will work with your dog in a way that is acceptable to you.
  • The behavior specialist should ask questions about the history of the dog's aggression in order to determine if they can help.
  • Ask for the dog behavior specialist's experience with dog aggression cases similar to your dog's.
  • If the behavior specialist uses terms or buzz words that are unfamiliar, be sure to ask for an explanation.
  • Ask the specialist how long the appointments will last. 6 weekly sessions of 60 to 90 minutes are typical.
  • Ask who can attend the sessions. Anyone involved with the dog and its aggressive tendencies should attend.
  • Get descriptions of the processes involved as well as a list of necessary tools and equipment.
  • Ask the specialist what happens if the initial sessions don't work. This may mean additional sessions or a referral to another specialist.

By interviewing the dog behavior specialist and allowing him to interview you about your dog's aggressive behavior, you are more likely to end up with a specialist you can effectively work with, and a better behaved dog.