Why a Dog Cast Is No Substitute for Orthopedic Surgery

If your dog experiences a fracture, the treatment options may include a dog cast or surgical procedure. In most cases, surgery is indicated.

Dog bones break and fracture as a result of trauma to the bone. This type of injury is seen in all ages and breeds of dogs, but is more common in large, athletic dogs.

Cast Limitations

If your dog's fracture is very stable and well aligned, a cast combined with rest and limited activity may allow the bone to heal acceptably. However, for most fractures in the leg of a dog, surgery will be required to produce the best and most long-lasting results. Without surgical realignment, many breaks and fractures will not heal correctly. Therefore, ongoing pain, stiffness, and orthopedic problems can result.

The Surgical Procedure

During the course of surgery, pins, plates, bands, and screws may be needed. These devices align and stabilize the bone to allow the damaged bones, tendons, and muscles to heal more quickly. These may be removed in the future, once the bone is fully healed.

With proper rehabilitation, most dogs can return to activity within two months.