A Short Dog Health Guide for Casual Owners

This dog health guide contains all the basic tips and information you'll need to care for your dog's health.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are paramount to your dog's health. Prepared dog foods already contain the appropriate levels of protein and other nutrients that your dog needs for good health. However, if your dog is a puppy, elderly, obese, pregnant, or lactating, purchase a food that is specially formulated for his (or her) needs.

Exercise is also important to your dog's health. Walks, swimming, and games played outside are excellent ways to exercise your dog. You can also exercise your dog inside by teaching him tricks, playing tug of war, or encouraging him to run up and down a staircase.

Vaccinations and Veterinary Exams

Make sure your dog receives all of his vaccinations; if you're not sure whether he's had them, have them administered again just to be safe. Make sure your dog receives yearly veterinary check-ups and dental exams.

Don't Play Vet

If your dog begins to exhibit signs of illness, consult your vet before attempting any home remedies. Many minor dog ailments can be treated at home; however, your dog's symptoms may indicate a more severe illness than your realize. Also, administering the wrong home remedy may damage your dog's health even further.