Dog Chews for Canine Bad Breath

Canine halitosis or bad breath is an unpleasant aspect of having a pet. By using dog chews you can prevent or get rid of bad breath in dogs. Halitosis may be caused by a medical condition, so in that case it needs to be treated in order to get rid of your dog's bad breath.

Canine Halitosis

Canine halitosis is bad breath. It may be caused by diet or a more serious problem such as an infection in the dog's mouth or elsewhere in the body.

Halitosis may be treated by giving your dog different flavored dog chews for fresh breath. However, if there is a medical problem causing it, this should be dealt with first.

Take a look at the dog's teeth and gums. In some cases, cleaning the dog's teeth can get rid of bad breath.

Go for a check-up and make sure the dog doesn't have stomach or intestinal problems. The vet should also check for infections to determine if the bad breath is caused by a medical condition.

Dog Chews for Bad Breath

If you rule out any medical reason for your dog's bad breath, you can use some dog chews to ensure your dog has fresh breath.

Dermapet dentees dentacetic dog chews are natural dental treats that contain odofactants. Given regularly, these chews provide fresh breath, remove plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar. They contain fibers that help the digestion and neutralize the odors of the stomach that may be present in the dog's breath.

The treats are tasty and contain wheat gluten, grapefruit seed extracts, clove and edible fatty acids.

Dermapet dentees dentacetic dog chews are high in protein contents, containing a healthy amount of fat also.

Breath-a-licious bones are also efficient in removing bad breath, and promote a healthy digestion. Breath-a-licious bones contain herbs such as peppermint, parsley, fennel and dill. They freshen up the breath of the dog and also prevent tartar. In addition, the taste of the chews is well liked by pets. The treats are natural and have a low fat content.

These dog treats may also soothe upset stomachs.

Other Remedies for Bad Breath

In addition to dog chews, you can also use these tips to prevent bad breath.

  • Put some lemon juice drops in your dog's water. The juice shouldn't contain sugar, as this will be bad for the pet's teeth.
  • Milk bones are also recommended to reduce plaque and tartar.
  • Your dog's diet is important. It can be another source of halitosis. A dog with a wet food diet should eat dry food too, as a soft diet may cause bad breath. Kibble food acts as an abrasive and prevents the buildup of plaque.
  • Clean your dog's teeth. Use meat flavored toothpaste, as this may make your dog more cooperative. Regular brushing can prevent bad breath and future teeth problems.
  • Check if the dog has gum disease, which affects 8 out of 10 dogs after the age of 3.