Cat Treats for Bad Breath

Cat bad breath, also known as halitosis is a condition that may occur due to food that gets stuck in between your pet’s teeth or may also be caused by an internal disease. Cat treats can prevent and eliminate the bad breath. However, if the problem is internal, this should be solved to eliminate the halitosis.

Feline Halitosis Causes

Feline halitosis is a foul odor of the pet’s breath. The bad breath may be caused by different factors including an inappropriate diet, a dental problem, gingivitis or an internal problem. You may administer a few cat chew treats to eliminate the bad breath; these treats can give freshness to the breath.

If your cat has a medical problem, the chew treats alone won’t solve the bad breath problem. Try detecting the problem and see if the cat’s teeth are healthy and if the gums have a normal, pink color. The gums may be inflamed and red when the cat has gingivitis or a dental abscess. The cat may also have gastrointestinal problems, which cause the foul odor in the mouth. Tumors and infections may also cause bad breath.

Have a full veterinary checkup if you suspect your cat may have an internal problem.

Benefits of Cat Treats for Bad Breath

If the cat doesn’t have a medical problem and the bad breath is caused by the diet or food residue in his mouth, you may opt for a few cat treats that will freshen up his breath.

The treats will work as a teeth cleaner, scraping off the plaque and cleaning the food residue from the teeth and the gums. The food residue may gather bacteria and this may cause bad breath.

The cat chew treats have a high fiber content, which can promote digestion and this will prevent the bad odor due to numerous foods that stay undigested in the stomach for several days.

Components of Chew Treats

In addition to fibers, the cat treats for halitosis also contain proteins and are typically low on fat. Other components of the cat chew treats include wheat gluten, lemon or grapefruit seed extracts, edible fatty acids, parsley leaves, fennel, dill or peppermint.

The chew treats may have different flavors such as liver, fish or meat, which will make them appealing for the cat. Opt for treats that appeal to your cat. Some cats may not like the taste of peppermint.

Alternative Remedies for Feline Bad Breath

You can eliminate bad breath by using some alternative remedies:

  • lemon juice in your cat’s water
  • changing the cat’s diet; diet may cause bad breath
  • regular brushing of teeth and mouth rinses for pets

Administered on a regular basis, the chew treats will give your pet a fresh breath. The cat treats for bad breath will also prevent the formation of tartar, which is a major problem in cats and is the starting point of more severe dental problems. The fibers in the treats can calm down an upset stomach.