Dog Dandruff Shampoo

Some pets can develop dog dandruff due to flaky and dry skin. Dogs naturally have oily skin which helps deter ticks, fleas and other insects from taking up residence. However, due to diet or the environment, a dog's skin can become dry and produce dandruff.


There are a number of ways to prevent dandruff. One is to ensure that your dog's coat retains its natural moisture and oils. Proper grooming spreads the fur's natural oils around evenly, coating the skin and the fur, thereby retaining moisture. This deters parasites and prevents the production of dandruff.

Proper nutrition plays an important part since the dog's diet must provide for the production of oils. Major brands of high quality dog foods provide the proper nutrients needed for a healthy coat. A pinch of garlic sprinkled on the dog food will make the skin healthy and oily, preventing parasites from establishing themselves on the skin or fur. Adding fish oil and using a diet that has a little bit of fat will also produce oily skin.

Using Baby Shampoos

There is much debate as to whether or not baby shampoos should be used on dogs. There are those who state that human shampoo should never be used since it contains some ingredients that are not beneficial for dogs. Since there are different types of baby shampoos containing a wide variety of ingredients, it is advisable: 1) to carefully read and understand the label and its listed ingredients and 2) to test the shampoo for a couple of times before making it the shampoo of choice. Some dog owners use an oatmeal bath to maintain a rich and healthy coat.

Medicated Shampoos

The use of medicated shampoos intended for human use or shampoos that contain insecticides to prevent flea and/or tick manifestation should not be used since they will contribute to a dog's dry skin, unless they are absolutely needed to treat a medical condition. The use of a dandruff shampoo containing sulfur or salicylic acid is recommended instead. Warm baths add moisture to the skin and wash away any dry or dead skin. Baths should be administered once a month during the winter months and up to twice a month during the summer months.

Read Labels

Many shampoos claim a variety of health benefits, so it is always important to carefully read and understand the ingredient labels. Genuine moisturizing shampoos contain salicylic acid and various natural oils, such as tea tree oil. Various minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin E, should also be included.

A moist skin translates into a healthy skin, free of dog dandruff. Healthy skin allows for a healthy and shiny coat that is able to ward off parasites and insects. It should also be noted that too much oil can present its own set of problems. The skin is unable to breathe, trapping in moisture and producing body odor. Skin that's too oily will also attract dirt and insects and will cause the fur to mat, trapping in heat and producing unhealthy skin problems.