Dog Diarrhea Treatment Options

Dog diarrhea treatment options are similar as those you may use for your family. They are easy to find and easy to administer. Dog diarrhea can be a horrible experience for both you and your dog. While, treatment is key, also make sure you note any other symptoms your dog may be exhibiting and try to keep your dog hydrated until they're over the virus or can be diagnosed with what's causing the diarrhea.

Water Therapy

Before any other treatment is used, you need to start water therapy immediately and see if that helps. You can also use this time to watch for other symptoms of an underlying condition your dog my be suffering from. Water therapy includes merely changing your dogs water a couple times a day to replace it with fresh water. Consider using bottled or filtered water to ensure the cleanest drinking water. You can also add a probiotic powder to help bind food in the system and calm the digestive system.

Loperamide Immodium

The same ingredients used to treat diarrhea in humans can treat the same condition in dogs. Immodium helps to calm the stomach and digestive system allows the body to slow processing and thus take care of the diarrhea. Dosage requirements for Immodium are .5mg for every 10 lbs. of body weight. If you're concerned about administering Immodium to your dog or your dog is on other medications to treat digestive disorders, call your vet's office to ask if this treatment method is appropriate.


Over-the-counter Pepto-Bismol, and generic versions, can be used to treat your dogs diarrhea. This medicine provides the same relief as it does for you by helping calm the stomach and digestive system. Proper dosing for Pepto-Bismol is 1ml for every 10 lbs. of body weight. If you're concerned about the use of Pepto-Bismol with your dog, call your vet's office to ask questions. If your dog is on other forms of medication, check to make sure there are no interaction concerns. 

Specialty Pet Diarrhea Medication

There are pet diarrhea prescribed medications your vet can issue if needed. These medications include Pet-Pectillin, Diarrhea Control Gel and DiaBac. The gel can generally be purchased for around $14 and the Pet-Pectillin can be purchased for around $5. The DiaBac is a pill form of dog diarrhea treatment and costs around $20 for 30 capsules or $50 for 60 capsules. 

No matter which treatment you decide to use, constantly change out your dogs water to flush out toxins. Always watch for negative reactions and contact your vet immediately if the diarrhea gets worse or other symptoms present themselves. Your dogs diarrhea may just be caused from old drinking water or eating something they're not supposed and can clear up quickly with general treatment. If none of these forms of treatment is helping or your dog becomes dehydrated, it's time to call your vet for a consultation to find out what's causing the diarrhea.