Is There a Dog Dye That's Medically Safe to Apply?

Dog dye has become a trendy accessory for some dog owners, causing a rush to have the latest pink or blue coloring added to their dog's natural color. There are dog dyes out there with "non-toxic" and "hypoallergenic" on their labels, yet if you read further down the label to the warnings, they carry extensive language about how the dye may cause skin irritation, pain and itching. Canine skin is very sensitive and these kinds of warnings should not be taken lightly.

Do Not Use Human Hair Dye

If your mind is set on dying your dog's hair, do not use human hair dye. It is harsh and can create chemical burns to the dog's skin, eventually scabbing, causing hair loss and leaving scars. Human dye is also extremely toxic with many varieties containing bleach.

Dyes for Dogs

There are many dog dyes out on the market and, while many claim their product is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, the packaging still carries warnings about possible skin irritation and itching. One dye even states it is non-toxic, yet under their warning label says if the dog licks the product, to rinse the dog's mouth for 15 minutes with cold water and to call a veterinarian immediately.

While coloring a dog's fur may be fashionable, it is important to consider the dog's health and well-being before deciding to dye. The warnings on the dye labels and marketing materials speak clearly of the medical hazards of dying your dog.